For a very long time we envisioned selling a commitement ring our Gay and Lesbian customers could exchange with each other which would indicate to the world that they are DevotedPartners®.

When the Rainbow symbol was added by the Gay coalition as a way of identifying Gay and Lesbian solidarity, it became apparent to us that we must create a commitment ring that symbolized the devotion that Gay and Lesbian partners were sharing with one another.  The ring must be of genuine stones set into 14Kt. gold and made in such a way that it could last forever, such as the devotion a couple shares. Thus our DevotedPartners® Rings were born.

Since then we have expanded our line of Gay Pride jewelry to include 14Kt. Gold Lambdas, 14Kt. Gold Lambdas with diamonds, Devoted Partners® Ankle Bracelets, and custom designs in sterling silver.  Keep watching for more items to come.

We will also custom make any item of jewelry in Karat gold or Platinum.  Please send us your sketch, picture or verbal description and we will send you our estimate to fabricate the item.  


Cost of Gold Rings is based on the London Fixe price of Gold being $1246.00 per oz.

Cost of Sterling Silver Jewelry is based on the cost of Sterling Silver being $30.00 per Troy oz..

All rings are made to order. Deposits are not refundable. We are not responsible for increased costs due to an increased in the cost of materials.

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