Our DevotedPartners® ring is custom made for each partner in heavy 14Kt. yellow gold, set with genuine gemstones symbolizing a rainbow.  The gemstones are set into a channel, side by side, and the sides of the channel are smooth and straight.  It was our intention to make the ring in this way, because if the gemstones were prong set they might snag on your clothing.

The Gemstones.
To represent the colors of the rainbow we decided to use only genuine gemstones which would also represent the genuineness of the devotion of the partners.  The first stone in our ring is a Pink Sapphire which is imported from Thailand and Sri Lanka.   The orange is represented by a truly natural orange colored gemstone, Spessartite, or now called Mandarin Garnets, which were recently found in Namibia, Africa.  The yellow stones are natural Yellow Sapphire, found in Thailand and Sri Lanka, which are heat treated to enhance their color.  The green stone is untreated Tsavorite, found in Pakistan, Tanzania, and Afganistan.  Our blue is a Blue Topaz, which is irradiated to bring out the intense color of the stone.  The purple stone we use is Amethyst, found in Brazil.   The gemstones that are treated to enhance their color are all rated excellent in stability.

Sizing your rings.
We are now offering our DevotedPartner® rings for the first time on the World Wide Web.  These rings are custom made for YOU in YOUR ring size.  Please visit your local jewelry store and ask them to measure your wedding ring finger on your left hand for a wide ring.  The DevotedPartner® rings are thick and heavy and made to last forever.   We do not suggest having the ring sized by your local jeweler.  If your finger is improperly sized, return the ring, and we will send you a metal set of ring sizers to measure your finger and we will remake the ring to the size you request.  Please allow 6 weeks for the ring to be made for you and shipped to you in the safest way.

1 - 14Kt. DevotedPartners® Ring     $1345.00    

2 - 14Kt. DevotedPartners® Rings     $2400.00    


Cost of Gold Rings is based on the London Fixe price of Gold being $1246.00 per oz.

Cost of Sterling Silver Jewelry is based on the cost of Sterling Silver being $30.00 per Troy oz..

All rings are made to order. Deposits are not refundable. We are not responsible for increased costs due to an increased in the cost of materials.

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