Marlene & Arlene invited us to their wedding in New Jersey.  It was a dark and stormy night and the ride was treacherous but we arrived wet but on time for the reception. They introduced us to their many friends and relatives as their jeweler. We were very proud to see them wearing our Devoted Partners wedding rings.

Shortly thereafter I discussed with both Marlene & Arlene the possibility of making an ankle bracelet in 14Kt. yellow gold with their names. They agreed to have the sample made and to use their names on our website as a sample. We were thrilled and now you all can see the results of our work.

We will be happy to make a bracelet for you and your devoted partner in 14Kt. gold for the low price of $235.00 each, which includes a 14Kt. yellow gold rope chain up to a total length of 10 inches. Lengths of 9 or 11 inches can also be requested at the same price. We can accommodate larger ankle lengths for a slightly higher price. Please write us with both your names and the lengths you need. Diamond set names or diamonds pave' set into the hearts are available upon request.


Cost of Gold Rings is based on the London Fixe price of Gold being $1246.00 per oz.

Cost of Sterling Silver Jewelry is based on the cost of Sterling Silver being $30.00 per Troy oz..

All rings are made to order. Deposits are not refundable. We are not responsible for increased costs due to an increased in the cost of materials.

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